Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed


 An Oportunity 

I have been kind of a one woman show. From Facebook Groups to advertising. Today I need online volunteers to help with Jesus in the Morning Ad Campaigns, promoting our Cookie Dough Fundraising Campaign. Prision PenPal Ministry, and both websites and more. I am praying for dedicated people who love our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Today there are two wonderful ladies who volunteer Dorothy Goodman of Florida and Irene Alsop-van der Leer of Austrailia.

Teachers who can teach a witnessing class.


Facebook Poster - Prayer Posters - Testimony Posters. I like calling these Volunteers Reporters because they share news and stories. Find things are are interesting to the Christian Believer.


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Praying once a year we can meet and greet in Florida or Georgia for our annual Spaghetti Dinner.

I know if the Spaghetti is good the Volunteers will come back yearly and recruit more volunteers just for the Spaghetti Dinner. I laughed but it could be true.

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