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UPCOMING YEAR 2024 Our Goal is to follow the Great Commission for our Communities.

Praying that our witness is much more effective in Low Income Areas. Thinking on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people who may have forgotten him, or simply don't believe, maybe never given it much thought that there is a God who made Heaven and Earth. It brings a sadness and a want to do more in the vineyard attitude. Always remembering the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Praying for more workers to join in. It cost nothing but a little of your time.

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March 2024 Working on things to give away with prayer and scripture on them. Saving to buy pens. writing pads, and tumblers. Maybe once a week give an ipad away. Working on other things people may need.
 Who if you had big money would share with those in dire need.

I never want to feel like I had a opportunity to share Jesus and never went out to share him. Meaning in my community a simple thinking of you card to give to each person I meet is a great door opener. I believe each person who have received Jesus should share him each day any and everywhere they travel.

be not ashame of the Gospel it has power to save.


    Father in heaven, we surrender ourselves to your love, the love in which Christ comes to us. Like children we say every day to the Lord Jesus himself, "Lord Jesus, come, come! Even if we cannot see you today because times have changed, come into the world, come more and more into world history. Send more and more of your nature, your goodness, into all hearts. Come at last, come quickly to bring an end to the adversary, an end to world power with its sinister, hostile character. May bright day, clear light from the Father in heaven, dawn through you, Lord Jesus. Yes, come, Lord Jesus!" Amen.

    Interview with Sis Tanisha Knight of Urban Fresh Podcast.

    Come back for the second part soon.

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